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The below contains various Regalia items associate with the club and instructions on how to obtain them.

The Club retains very limited items of Regalia, but has arranged with local suppliers to provide Club designated items directly to our members via web links with their sites.

What the Club has:

Grill Badge: The Club has available a limited number of Grill Badges at cost to our members.  These Grill Badges were produced to help a member display his/hers Club affiliation while traveling down the open road.  To obtain one please contact our Membership Officer via the contacts page.

Windshield Sticker:  The Club provides all new members with a nifty windshield sticker for one of their cars.  The sticker is placed on the inside of the windshield and will let you proudly display your club affiliation where ever you go.  If you desire to obtain additional Window Stickers cost is $1.00 each and are available from our Membership Officer via the contacts page.

Club Outerwear:  At this time the Club is attempting to find a vendor to provide logo shirts and stuff to the Club. We do have a limitied supply of T-Shirts available. Email the for further information.